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What happens during an MOT?

The test will take approximately one hour, but may take longer if we need to carry out any minor repairs. Bookings are arranged in to 1 hour slots so you will need to arrive promptly. It is possible to book an MOT test up to 30 days early.

During the procedure we will check a number of important parts on your vehicle to make sure they meet the legal standards. There is a viewing area in our workshop where you can watch the test, as long as you do not interrupt the tester.

We provide a FREE Text Reminder service; our service advisers can call or text to a preferred number or even email you when your MOT is due.

Furthermore, so long as any failures are repaired with us, you are entitled to a free retest within 10 days of the original test. However, there is a nominal £10 fee if you arrange your own repairs. Finally if you are a Taxi Driver you can book your certified Compliance Checks with us as we are certified by Thanet District Council.

Expired MOT

As a result of driving a vehicle without a valid MOT you may be subject to a number of serious consequences. In addition to fines of up to £1000, your insurance may not be valid should you need to make a claim. Your vehicle has been deemed unsafe to drive if it has been assessed and failed and as a result you can be prosecuted if caught (the only exceptions are to drive your vehicle to or from somewhere to be repaired or to a pre-arranged test).

Find out more about what’s tested in the official DVSA guide: Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Guidance.

In order to ensure the safety of all road users, all cars registered in the EC must pass some kind of mechanical and emissions test (in the UK this test is known as the ‘MOT’, named after the old Ministry of Transport). Cars must be tested at the end of their third year (if imported, measured from date of manufacture), and yearly after that. Any vehicle more than 3 years old will require an annual MOT test.