Kent Car Craft provide some of the best auto diagnostic repair facilities in East Kent. We can provide all of the facilities and fault-finding abilities of main dealerships, without the expensive hourly labour rate associated with them. 

In addition we are able to provide a unique service as we possess diagnostic equipment for most makes & models, including Autologic

Engine warning symbols that appear on your vehicle’s dash display have never been more important to take note of. Warning lights are fitted to instruct the driver that there is a fault within the car that needs repair. Some dashboard warning lights can be specific to a certain make or model of car and others can be universally recognised. Your car’s handbook will explain what all the various dashboard warning lights mean and how severe the problem could be.

Diagnostics Assessment

If your car is displaying a warning light we advise you have it checked by a professional. The first stage in identifying and assessing a vehicle fault is our Diagnostic Initial Assessment. In most modern vehicles, we can ‘talk’ to your on-board diagnostics computer interface using our diagnostic tools and software. Some vehicles can carry 40 or 50 separate ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit’s) which control everything from your seat and mirror adjustments to your brakes, suspension and engine. A small glitch in a network may cause chaos and manifest itself in all kinds of ways within your car.

You can’t fix a fault if you don’t know the  specific problem that prompted the light to appear, which is why we run the assessment first.
Our ‘Diagnostics Assessment’ costs £60+VAT, covering initial first hour and a number of other factors including:

  • Online Charges (manufacturer information)
  • Manufacturer Technical Service Bulletins
  • Full System Scan for Fault Codes
  • Translating Relevant Fault Codes
  • Software Updates
  • Creating a Test Plan
  • Diagnostic Equipment (over £30K)
  • Annual Subscriptions
  • Industry Training
  • Small Scale Repairs

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
Paul Neal “Red” Adair